Gifts Men Secretly Love To Receive

Gifts Men Secretly Love To Receive

Whether it is for your dad, husband, brother, guy friend, or male boss in the office, finding a gift for men can be a big challenge. It could be his birthday, bachlor party of the big wedding day! Men are hard to read, which is why it is difficult to determine what exactly it is that they want, even when it comes to gifts. If you need help, read on and learn from some of our suggestions.

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Personalized Gifts

Let us start our list with something that is general. You can give him anything that is personalized. More than the gift, it is the thought that he will appreciate. He will love the fact that you took the time to have something customized for him. Some of the best personalized gift choices from Shutterfly that men will love include bottle openers, shot glasses, desktop plaques, canvas prints, mason jars, and beer steins, among others.

Messenger Bag

This will make a great gift for the guy who commutes or for some who works. He definitely needs a bag to keep his essentials. Do not just choose any bag. Pick a messenger bag that is made of premium leather. The high price is sure to be worth it, knowing that he will appreciate the gift. When it comes to color, darker shades will always be a safe bet as this is what most men prefer.


If you know that he loves to read, a book is an easy gift idea that you might want to consider. He won’t ask for it since he most probably has a collection already. When you give him a book, he will surely be happy, especially if it is something he has not read yet. Choose a book that is not popular, yet one with good reviews. Check out this guide from GQ on the best books for men to give you an idea on what to buy.


When it comes to the best gifts for men, you do not necessarily need to give one that is tangible. Especially for one who seems to have everything, the gift of a unique experience is sure to be well-appreciated. Some of the best examples of the latter include a foreign language lesson, cooking class, diving certification, or a concert ticket, among others.

Food and Drinks

Do not make things any complicated for you. I am not generalizing, but if there is one thing that most men love to do, it would be to eat and to drink. Give him a basket that you have personally curated containing food and drinks that you think he will love. If you know the man long enough, picking the contents of the gift basket should be an easy task for you.

Make him happy by giving a gift that he secretly wants. He does not have to say it right in front of your face. Keep an eye on our suggestions, and for sure, your gift will paint a smile on his face.