Top Notch NRI Wedding Trends That Always Rock

Top Notch NRI Wedding Trends That Always Rock

Irrespective of where we stay now, we are always inclined to our culture. Isn’t it? If you are an NRI now, we are sure your heart and mind always say ‘My India, my country.’ That’s the love towards our motherland. It doesn’t matter in which country you are now; Indian wedding celebrations always prove to be rocking. If you have made up your mind to wed in an Indian style then there are innumerable themes to choose from and plenty of trends to apply.

The first thing you need to decide for the Indian wedding is the theme, based on which you can move forward in selecting Indian wedding card designs. Always make sure to create a wedding card in such a way that it exudes the Indian culture and stays as a long-lasting memory with your guests. One of the most favourite theme usually chosen by the NRIs is fusion, which incorporates Indian and foreign (the country they live in) traditions together. Well, the result is a medley of fun, laughter, and excitement.

Latest trends for NRI wedding

  • Bollywood theme

India and Bollywood go hand in hand. Go to any country and say you are an Indian, you will surely listen about Bollywood. Foreigners and Indians both have a great connection with Bollywood, hence making it a theme for the wedding can be a bang on idea. Add flavours of songs, dances, and drama, and your party is ready for a hit. Bollywood-themed wedding cards should be vibrant to appeal the guests in just one glimpse.

  • Two-state ideas

If the bride and the groom belong to two different states then a merger of those states in every possible way can be the latest theme for the NRI wedding. This can be called as the out-of-the-box idea to amalgamate cultures and traditions of two different Indian states in one wedding.

  • Fairytale wedding

Even NRIs love the woody, sublime, and fairytale theme of the wedding. Also, this is an evergreen wedding trend that one can have. Dreamy outfits for the bride and groom, venue amidst natural surroundings, and everything down to earth are what required making it a success.

  • Traditional Indian wedding

Mark the auspicious start of new married life with a red-themed traditional Indian wedding. The wedding invitation can have verses from the Gita or any holy book, along with Om and Swastik. The rituals can happen in typical Indian style with unique traditions signifying the bond between the husband and wife.

Matching the wedding trend with the invitation

Once you are all sorted with the wedding trend, you are supposed to choose the perfect Indian wedding card. Remember that every corner and inch of your card should reflect the theme which grabs the attention of the guests. Such beautiful cards have to be a trailer of how your NRI wedding is going to be. Colourful, bright, and exclusive cards that none of your guests can miss attending your wedding! What are you waiting for? Apply the above trends in your wedding preparation and have utmost fun!