Soy in Your Diet

Soy in Your Diet

Increasingly more people give up bad eating in favor of those who bring real benefits to the body.

Thus, soy increasingly gaining more ground in favor of meat or fat. If you follow a diet, you should know that you can rely on the soya successful in your daily diet.

What is soy?

Soy is part of the legume family and is present in human food since ancient times, cultivated 5,000 years ago, first in China and then in the Far East.

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A brilliant alternative to proteins obtained from meat and fish, soy protein contains a significant amount of isoflavones. This compound helps prevent heart disease, osteoporosis and menopause symptoms to treat breast and ovarian cancer.

What’s the soy?

The most famous, soy is in the form of sheaths oblong, containing seeds, like beans.

Soy beans contain an average of 8% bark, 90% core (cotyledons) and 2% germ (hipocotil). Soybean pods are cleaned, then soybeans are crushed and milled. The mechanical pressure is then obtained from soy oil and soy milk.

Besides the intake of protein and oil, soy products offers several major benefits to health. Thus:

  • Soy lowers blood cholesterol levels, thereby decreasing the incidence of cardiovascular disease;
  • Soy protein reduces your risk of worsening osteoporosis and maintain bone density of the skeleton;
  • Soy milk in particular has a major contribution in alleviating the symptoms of pre-and post-menopausal;

Regarding soy diet, medical studies have proven that it can help us by lowering fat intake usually contained in regular cheese.

Here a few suggestions:

  • Replace regular milk with soy milk in your morning cereal bowl.
  • Replace meat with soy granules, texturized vegetable protein containing, in spaghetti sauce.
  • Prepare a delicious sandwich from one slice of tofu, mixed with a well-boiled egg, chopped celery and mayonnaise.
  • Enjoy grilled meat with soy sandwiches instead of hamburgers. Enjoy them with hot sauce and onions.

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A diet for life!

The diet should be followed for life! It is not easy!

  • After you’ve lost weight, high GI foods can add only if you associate with some of them with low GI (as boiled potatoes or steamed fish and broccoli).
  • Bread remains authorized only for breakfast.
  • You can consume 1-3 glasses of wine at dinner.
  • Can only eat a few pieces of sausage or cheese.